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Should you ask for spousal support?

Spousal support is financial assistance provided by one spouse to the other after divorce, and it can play a significant role in ensuring a fair and equitable resolution. Should you ask for spousal support in your divorce? There are a few factors to consider as you...

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What to expect when you are pulled over

Many people experience getting pulled over by a police officer at some point. These encounters vary in severity and legal consequences. While police may pull a person over for many different reasons, those pulled over still have rights. Knowing what to expect and how...

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What is an uncontested divorce in Georgia?

Divorce proceedings in Georgia fall into one of two categories: contested and uncontested. The difference between contested and uncontested divorce is whether or not both parties can come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. What is an uncontested divorce? In...

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Can domestic abuse charges get dropped?

Domestic violence is a serious situation within the state of Georgia. For those who face charges of domestic abuse, the severity of the situation could lead to charges under either state or federal laws. Domestic assaults typically receive more severe punishment than...

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When do you qualify for spousal support?

Spousal support is not a guaranteed component of every divorce. However, if one spouse makes significantly more than the other and the marriage lasted 10 years or more, the chances are greater. There are certain circumstances, such as adultery, that affect your...

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