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An Estate Planning Attorney Who Delivers

Everybody needs to have an estate plan, and the best way to create one is to consult an experienced lawyer. With nearly 30 years of legal experience, Stagg Law Firm in Ringgold, Georgia, is prepared to help you protect your assets and your family.

I am attorney Lawrence A. Stagg, who knows the people of Georgia because I was born and raised here. When it comes to estate planning, I have prepared wills, trusts and other related documents for hundreds of clients. Let me do the same for you.

Helping You Customize Your Estate Plan

In working closely with you, I will help you create an accurate picture of your assets and debts, and help you understand your options. Ultimately, through your estate plan, you will:

  • Decide who receives your assets
  • Decide who will oversee your final affairs
  • Designate who will care for you if you are incapacitated
  • Maintain control of your medical care

I will provide you with straightforward advice, and you and your family will gain peace of mind.

Answering Questions About Wills And Trusts

In determining which path to pursue, I will provide necessary insight. Perhaps a will seems like the logical choice. If so, I will explain the steps along with the need to name beneficiaries, executors, guardians for minor children or adults in your care.

Another option may be creating a trust, which allows you to manage your assets while you are still alive. With a revocable trust, you can change the terms anytime. And, unlike wills, trusts allow you to avoid probate and are not part of the public record.

Avoid The Do-It-Yourself Route; Get Skilled Help

Your estate plan can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. However, even with the simplest wills, Georgia law requires you to file a great deal of paperwork by fixed deadlines. If you try to oversee this task yourself and make a mistake, you could end up with an invalid will.

As a solo practitioner, I will work with you at every step of setting up or amending your estate plan. You can rely on me to take care of your estate plan properly so that your final wishes will be carried out.

Work With A Seasoned Attorney

When you need honest advice about estate planning, Stagg Law Firm in Ringgold, Georgia, will provide it. I am attorney Lawrence A. Stagg, and I can help you in matters such as wills, trusts, probate and estate administration. To schedule your appointment, please contact me via email or call 706-956-0289.