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Reasons to consider an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Family Law

Georgia law allows for couples to file for an uncontested divorce. This means that all issues related to property division, alimony and parental rights have been resolved at the time the divorce petition is received. There are several potential benefits to dissolving your marriage in an amicable manner.

You can shield your children from a toxic situation

It’s possible for disputes to arise even during a relatively amicable divorce process. However, dissolving your marriage in private shields your children from the yelling, crying and other displays of emotion that might occur during negotiation sessions. It’s also worth noting that the terms of the divorce will remain sealed. Therefore, your children can’t accidentally learn about your spouse’s affair, gambling problem or anything else that might influence their view of an influential person in their lives.

You can save yourself a lot of time and money

A divorce trial may take up to a year to complete. This is because proceedings can only take place when there is time available on the judge’s schedule. There is also a chance that a court date could be delayed because your attorney is sick, you can’t get out of work or because a storm has made it impossible for anyone to get to the courthouse.

Furthermore, a divorce trial will likely cost at least $10,000 when you add up legal fees and other expenses. In some cases, an uncontested divorce can be wrapped up for less than $1,000.

You get to control the outcome

If a case goes to trial, you’re at the mercy of the judge to make a ruling that you agree with. In many cases, individuals who take their cases to trial don’t like the terms of the final deal. However, an uncontested divorce gives you more certainty over what your future holds.

An attorney may be able to review the terms of a divorce resolution before they go into effect. It may be a good idea to involve a legal representative in your divorce case even if you plan on negotiating it in private.