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Criminal Charges Are Scary. I Will Defend Your Rights.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, or if you are under police investigation, it is vital that you retain legal representation immediately. Contact my office, Stagg Law Firm, to begin protecting your legal rights and building a strong defense.

Your Defense Lawyer Against All Types Of Charges

I am attorney Lawrence A. Stagg. I have practiced criminal defense law in Northwest Georgia since 1991. As a criminal law attorney for more than 30 years, I am deeply familiar with the criminal justice system, and I am prepared to defend you against a wide range of charges, including:

Remember that you have legal rights protecting you from undue violation of your privacy and your property. When you retain me as your defense attorney, I will make sure police and prosecutors follow the rules, and hold them accountable when they do not.

When Prison Is A Possibility

Serious criminal charges carry serious potential penalties. I will investigate the case against you and develop a strong, vigorous defense. Your best chance of avoiding prison time is to have me in your corner.

Call Me After An Arrest

There is no time to waste when taking on the powers of the prosecution and law enforcement. For an initial consultation about your case, please call my Ringgold office at 706-956-0289 or send me an email. I represent clients throughout Northwest Georgia.