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Can domestic abuse charges get dropped?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Criminal Law

Domestic violence is a serious situation within the state of Georgia. For those who face charges of domestic abuse, the severity of the situation could lead to charges under either state or federal laws.

Domestic assaults typically receive more severe punishment than an assault that occurs between two strangers. Even though the first-time conviction in either of these situations is a misdemeanor, the charge moves to a felony if convicted for a second time of family violence. Having the charges dropped is one way to protect your reputation and record, particularly if you are innocent of the charges.

Dropping the charges

Although the following list does not include all of the reasons for having a domestic violence case dropped, it does show that there is hope when facing these serious charges. Legal aid can help you navigate your specific situation more fully.

  • Insufficient evidence
  • Inconsistencies in the story of the accuser
  • Lack of cooperation from the accuser
  • History of false accusations from the accuser
  • Out-of-court agreement reached between the accuser and the defendant

Protecting your case

There is no way to know if the prosecutor will drop the domestic abuse charges against you. While you are waiting for your court date, there are several things to do to protect your case. In addition to having legal aid, do not speak to the accuser, any witnesses or the police. Make your own list of witnesses and gather as much evidence as you can that might help prove you are not guilty of the charges.

The consequences of domestic violence charges can ruin your life. Protect yourself by having the right legal strategy in place.