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When there is doubt about who the father of a child is, both parties need a skilled family law attorney working for them. There is too much at stake to leave your legal rights and responsibilities to someone unprepared to assist you effectively.

I am attorney Lawrence A. Stagg. Since 1991, my law office, Stagg Law Firm, has served clients throughout Northwest Georgia with efficient and client-focused representation. I help people dealing with paternity and legitimation matters.

The Difference Between Paternity And Legitimation

In general, there are two types of disputes over the fatherhood of a child born out of wedlock: the mother claims a man is the child’s biological father, or a man claims to be the biological father. In Georgia, the first situation is called a paternity claim. The second is known in this state as a “legitimation” claim. Both legal procedures are intended to identify the child’s biological father and establish that man’s parental rights.

Whether or not you believe you are the father of the child, you will need a lawyer to represent you throughout the process. I have represented men in numerous legitimation and paternity proceedings. I am ready to help you determine the truth using DNA and other evidence.

I also represent mothers in paternity disputes. I understand how difficult it can be to get the father of your child to do the right thing. I provide the legal advice and procedural assistance needed to establish paternity or contest an invalid legitimation claim.

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