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Handling Child Support Law In Georgia Since 1991

My name is Lawrence A. Stagg. As a Georgia family law attorney since 1991, I have helped hundreds of parents with their child support matters. Call me if you need top-quality legal guidance through establishing a child support order, enforcing an existing order or making changes to the order. I will make sure your children have the financial support they are entitled to receive.

Avoid A Troubled Child Support Fight

When one parent has sole custody of the children, state law generally expects the other parent to provide regular financial support. While most parents agree that their kids deserve child support, they may not agree on the level of support.

I represent both custodial and noncustodial parents, so I understand the issue from both sides. As your lawyer, I will work to negotiate a level of child support that is fair to everyone involved — especially your children.

How I Help My Child Support Clients

I settle most of my child support disputes outside of court, saving you time and money. The order I deliver will be based on your particular circumstances, such as each parent’s income, expenses, the number of children involved and their medical and educational needs. I will do everything possible to ensure the matter is settled according to your children’s best interests.

After The Order Is In Place

If you already have a child support order in place, you may be dealing with your co-parent’s failure to keep up on payments — or a job loss or other life change could be affecting your ability to pay. I can help you with all post-decree matters, including enforcement and changes to the order.

Talk To A Child Support Attorney

If you have questions about child support, I provide no-obligation, initial consultations. For an appointment, please call 706-956-0289. You can also reach me via email. My office is in Ringgold and I represent clients throughout Northwest Georgia.