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Put Your Kids’ Future In Good Hands

Our children deserve the best, even when their parents do not live together. At Stagg Law Firm, I have been assisting parents with their child custody needs since 1991. I will make sure your parental rights are respected and your children are raised in a safe, stable, loving environment. I represent clients in Ringgold and throughout Northwest Georgia.

Child Custody Law In Georgia

Georgia law recognizes the legal rights parents have over their children. This includes the right for parents to raise the kids in their home at least part of the time and to make key decisions about their upbringing, along with their co-parent. As your attorney, I will defend your parental rights, whether you are going through divorce or otherwise need to set up a parenting plan.

A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Children

The law states that a child custody plan must be in the child’s best interests. I also make that my standard when negotiating a plan. Whether you will share custody with your co-parent, or one parent will get sole custody while the other retains visitation rights, I will make sure you remain a key part of your children’s lives.

The upheaval and confusion of a child custody dispute can be tough on kids. I will do everything possible to settle your matter efficiently to minimize the emotional impact on you and your loved ones.

Making Changes To Your Child Custody Plan

Though your child custody arrangement may work well today, in the years to come you may need to make a change. I have helped numerous parents adjust their parenting plans, as well as represented parents resisting such efforts.

Secure Your Children’s Well-Being. Call Me Today.

I offer no-obligation initial consultations on all child custody and visitation matters. To schedule an appointment, please call 706-956-0289 or send me an email.